Frequently Asked Questions

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Corona Connects is an open database of volunteer opportunities. In simple terms, those with needs arising due to the present Covid-19 crisis are able to submit an “opportunity”. Individuals looking to help are then able to search these opportunities and volunteer to assist in fulfilling these needs.

Simply use the tab  at the top of this page navigate to the “Submit Needs” page and fill out the form! This will promptly upload your need to our open, searchable database as an “opportunity”. Those looking to help will then be able to get in touch with you directly to assist with your need.

Easy! Just click the “Opportunities” tab at the top of this page, and you will be directed to our open, searchable database. This allows you to filter opportunities by location, type, time commitment and other criteria, so that you can help in whatever capacity best suits you.

When you find an opportunity you like, use the contact information provided in the database to reach out directly to the person or organization with the need.

If your need has been fulfilled, and you no longer require volunteers, fantastic – we’re glad to have helped!

Please head to the “Submit Needs” page and click the “Email Us” button. We will be notified that you no longer have that need and will remove the opportunity accordingly.

No problem! Get in touch with us via email at, and we will do our best to promptly answer your question!

Send us an email with subject line “I’d like to get involved” at!

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