How We Got Started

We're a team of college students from across the US trying to make volunteering during this pandemic easy.

As our schools went virtual, we found ourselves with a strong desire to help and plenty of time to do so, but we didn’t know where to start. We knew there was an unprecedented level of need, yet struggled to identify and connect with organizations in need of volunteers. We built Corona Connects to remove that barrier and make it easy for people to help their communities. Built with the volunteer in mind, Corona Connects seamlessly matches people with time on their hands to organizations needing their help, taking into consideration volunteers' preferences and availability.

Want to join the team? Get in touch at

Hadassah Raskas


Megan Kyne

Product Director

Elana Sichel

Creative Director

Steve Hamel

Technical Director

Growth and Web Development

Christina Piasecki
Daniel Ackermans
Jake Lem
Shalva Gozland
Sophie Ackert
Victoria Brenes

Regional Coordinators

Gila Weinrib
Hadassah Stanhill
Hannah Erdogan
Isabel Floyd
Liora Lilienthal
Sydney Siegel

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